About Simqu Electric
Simqu Electric Company Inc. has been a fully insured, licensed electrical contractor since 1976. We are licensed with the city of Pittsburgh and registered with state of Pennsylvania. For ongoing training of our technicians, we are proud members of the International Association of Electrical Inspectors. Our technicians are always current with the latest code changes and tomorrow’s technology.

We offer professional and quality work at a reasonable price. We are committed to excellence.

Customer Testimonials

Mr. Simqu and his technicians did the work on my home – so thoroughly, so carefully, so professionally while treating my home and me with respect. Each day the work areas were picked up and vacuumed. I paid in four “installments” covering each section of work after those sections were completed. ”

“There seem to be so few businesses which offer their services with respect to the customer, professionalism, and honesty! I am SO happy to send your offices a letter of braggadocio of the Simqu Electric Company. May his business continue to prosper!

-(Ms.) Ty A. Malloy

Questions and Answers

Q: What is the difference between a licensed electrician and a registered electrician in this state?

A: In the state of Pennsylvania, there are two types of classifications, state and city

City of Pittsburgh Requirements:
The city of Pittsburgh requires all electrical contractors to pass a written test and to have a certificate of a accredited electrical wiring school, and have at least two years of experience working under a licensed electrician and have liability insurance before they can work in the city.

State of Pennsylvania Requirements:
Pennsylvania requires all residential contractors to be registered with the state. They must have insurance and post all company information on their state web site. Be advised, state registration doesn’t require any type of experience or training to be registered. Only a electrical licensed from the city of Pittsburgh would indicate a contractor is qualified.

Q: Can I use a handyman or someone less qualified to do my electrical work?

A: Using a handyman or someone less qualified only puts you and your family in greater danger as well as your property. Over forty percent of fires in the U.S. are electrical. A licensed electrician should be the only person working on your wiring.